In the field of artificial intelligence, our focus and research is human shape detection and tracking, face detection and tracking, video behavior analysis and thermal detection.

Using world class devices to create a seamless monitoring system that’s designed to prevent incidents and helping to reduce costs associated with accidents.

Thermal Screening Solutions

We have created a contactless thermal screening solution that focuses on automated, highly accurate body temperature detection to help prevent the spread of illness.

We focus on identifying the elevated body temperature (EBT) which could be indicative of a fever (a possible sign of viral infection).

Our solutions do not replace conventional medical testing but they are a pre-screening device and can be used to give an early indication when used effectively.
Our thermal screening solution aims to effectively monitor a surrounding and quickly screen many people at the same time without contact.

Face and Object recognition

We have developed machine learning computer vision models for precise object recognition with greater levels of accuracy.

We tackle complex use-cases like image classification, object detection, facial detection and crowd counting.
By following up the latest research of neural network and facial related technology to meet the needs of personnel identification in different scenes, the characteristics and attributes of different people are analysed.

Behavior analysis

We have developed Al models for behavioural analysis with higher levels of accuracy.
We have delivered solutions for organisations with real-time image classification, image segmentation and precision object detection.
The goalof behavior analysis is to detect a segment containing a specific behavior locate the start and end time of the segment.

Through behavior analysis technology, video retrieval and analysis it helps to find and locate actions of interest for the stakeholder.

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