Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control the settings for the camera?

The camera can be controlled directly through a mouse.
The mouse is connected through a USB 2.0 cable so you can use any wired mouse or a wireless mouse to control the options menu.
It also has remote access it system is connected to the wifi so even if you are far away you may be able to configure the settings.

Are we able to use a different voice on the prompts?

We supply built-in voice prompts but you are also able to change voice prompts to different recordings of your own choosing, or we can provide other voice prompts tailored to your preference.

Is the alarm sound integrated in the system?

Alarm sound system is not integrated into the system

Does it need a separate speaker to play sound? Or does it use TV speaker?

It needs a separate speaker for playing sound, right now it’s through a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can connect with the camera. However, in the future the HDMI will be able to support the audio and then the sound can be transmitted to the TV.

What kind of warning light can be used?

For the warning light, you can use a warning light of your preference.
It’s connected through GPIO connection, however for the light to function properly we need to customise our software to synchronise with the light.

Does it need to connect to a PC to adjust its settings?

To customise the settings, it needs a mouse to adjust only.
PC is not needed as there is a processor built into the camera so it can run independent of a PC.

Do I need Wi-Fi?

The camera can function offline and doesn’t need wi-fi for it to work properly. It supports ethernet for connecting to the internet.

Can I access my COZO camera from my computer?

You can remotely access your camera settings if it’s connected to the internet and you are able to configure settings remotely.

How far from the camera can a person be seen?

The camera can detect people up to 6metres away

What is the camera resolution for COZO security cameras?

The camera resolution is 1080P at 30 frames per second.

Where are motion clips and data stored?

The records are not stored in the cloud to protect your privacy. Whilst no facial images are transmitted over the internet as all your data is protected.

Is there local storage?

The camera comes with 32GB of local storage for records of traffic and abnormal activity

Can an alarm be added to the COZO security system?

Yes, you can add any type of alarm that can be connected through a GPIO connection

What languages does your software support?

English, Japanese & Chinese