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COZO intelligence is an Al company focusing on hardware powered by machine learning and edge computing technologies. We offer products that provide a data-driven approach to identifying and eliminating incoming risks.

Our company partners with private companies, government offices and end-user clients to prepare for a wide variety of constantly developing use cases.

COZO’s scalable solution adapts to evolving needs in industrial and
commercial settings, as our machine learning models analyse an abundance of data to help businesses make decisions preventing hazards and reducing risks.

COZO designs products for different applications, devoting itself to infrared temperature measurement products whilst promoting the popularization of Al in various environments.

Our team of software and hardware engineers gather expertise from many different countries and bring about experience from government institutions, private enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

Solutions Built for Quality and Scale
Using top-of-the-line devices to create seamless thermal monitoring system that’s designed to prevent disasters and reducing costs associated with catastrophes.

We continue to make thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool so people can do their jobs safer and smarter.

At present, COZO’s products feature in Japan, the US and Chinese mainland and are applied to smart campus, intelligent nursing homes and smart factories.

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