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Intelligent Solutions

COZO focuses on AI powered solutions to identify risks in environments and hazards in real time before they become threatening situations.

We offer both customized and out-of-the-box solutions designed to monitor temperature in processes at industrial complexes and factories as well as detect risks and hazards based on your objectives.

Our security algorithm
focuses on:

Detect face masks and high temperature

The algorithm focuses on detecting if people are wearing mask and precisely identifying their body temperature

Detect accidents for elderly people and children

We’ve trained our algorithm to detect if elderly people have had accidents or if children have had accidents

Intelligent elevator management

Our algorithm will detect if people are violating elevator rules by bringing in scooters or pets

Detect fire hazards and hotspots in factories

Through the thermal software, it will be able to detect hotspots that are prone to fires in factories and machinery

Where can you use our hardware?

We create hardware and solutions that can be deployed in many industrial and commercial settings.

By setting up in minutes and no training required.

You can target different areas of concern through placing the hardware in different locations:

  • Deliver more peace of mind to guests and staff with automated thermal scanning from a safe social distance.
  • Restrict guests from bringing dangerous objects into the elevator through object detection.
  • Raise an alarm if guests have abnormal body temperature before entering the building.
  • Flag a guest before entering the building if they are not wearing a mask.

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